Women’s Health Week!

We are proud to celebrate National Women’s Health Week!  For more information about healthy living as a women, please visit: https://www.womenshealth.gov/nwhw https://www.cdc.gov/features/nwhw/ Remember the importance of getting your annual preventative wellness exam, including cervical cancer screening and breast exam, schedule today! For the current guidelines on cervical cancer screening please see ACOG.


FREE Pregnancy Tests

Women’s Health Associates is pleased to announce that as of May 1, 2017 we will be offering FREE pregnancy tests.  No appointment necessary to have the pregnancy test, walk-ins are welcome! We recognize the importance of early pregnancy detection and the emotions surrounding potential pregnancy.  We want to remove barriers from getting your pregnancy test. (…)


Welcome back Dr. Kelly!

  Women’s Health Associates is proud to welcome back Dr. Kelly Siudzinski!  Dr. Kelly, as her patient’s know her, is accepting new as well as current patients!  Please call 208-338-8900 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kelly!

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